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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Online directories have sprouted up” alignment=”left”]Some of them offer free listings, some charge for certain features.

It is beneficial to be listed on as many as possible, but if you are going to be paying then it is a good idea to make sure that you are paying for the ones that are performing well.[/ultimate_heading]


The Directory

The Directory is a very popular online directory in Zimbabwe with most of your searches in Google for companies coming up with their listings. They also publish a print edition directory.

Visit The Directory website
Zim-Yellow-Logo is another online directory website.

Directory Publishers

Directory Publishers

Directory publishers offer yellow pages and white pages.

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Zim Yellow Page Logo

Zim Yellow Page

Zim Yellow Page is another directory website I found

Visit Zim Yellow Page

Zimbabwe Trade Directory

Zimbabwe Trade Directory

Visit Zimbabwe Trade Directory
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If you know of any other directory websites, please send through the web address to me so I can add it to the collection.