Restaurants Online

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Online Restaurant Listing Websites”]There are a few websites that are listing restaurants online, some of them include the option to make a reservation from their website.

Here are the ones I have come across.[/ultimate_heading]


Bambazonke Restaurant List

Bambazonke have compiled a list of restaurants.

Visit the Bambazonke restaurants page

Zol Restaurant Week

Zol restaurant week provides information on the restaurants that were entered into the event.

Visit Zol Restaurant Week
Cheeseman logo

Cheeseman Restaurant List

Cheeseman has an excellent list of restaurants with ratings.

Visit Cheeseman restaurant list

Trip Advisor

Trip advisor has a pretty good list of restaurants in Zimbabwe, it is worth having a look and it is very helpful to everyone if you write a review for the restaurants you have been to.

Visit Trip Advisor Zimbabwe restaurant page
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The restaurants listed on these sites do a pretty good job of listing all the restaurants in Zimbabwe, but if you know of any restaurants that are not listed or any other restaurant listing websites please let me know.