Why be online?

At some point your company is going to be searched for online, as well as people searching for products and services that you may be able to provide.

While online results may not be the primary source of business for you, the internet is only growing and it is extremely beneficial to your company to have an online presence.

What is found when you are searched for?


If people cannot find out how to contact you or information on the products and services that you provide they will go to someone else.


How do people find companies to provide products and services?

  • Word of mouth
  • Telephone Directory
  • Online Search
  • Web Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • TV, Radio

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Where are you listed?”]

If your company is not listed where your potential customers are looking, they are not going to find you, that just makes sense.


With the growth of internet there will be people searching online, and there will also be those people who are looking in magazines, newspapers or have received flyers.

While it can be expensive to try and advertise in all forms of media, finding out how best to reach your target market and then ensuring that you are prominent in that area is important, and having a website for people to go to for more information is vital in this day and age.


[ultimate_heading main_heading=”The Basics”]These are in my opinion the basics that every company should have, regardless of the industry you are in.

These options all include free options with only having to pay for additional functionality.[/ultimate_heading]

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Facebook”]

FB-LogoFacebook company pages are a brilliant way to keep in touch with customers, they can see what you post as well as get contact information and find a link to your website.


[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Linkedin”]

Linkedin-LogoLinkedin is aimed more at business information, you can create a nice company page with information as well as publish articles and connect with people


[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Google +” margin_design_tab_text=””]

Google-plus-logoGoogle + while not as popular as Facebook and Linkedin still offers another place for you to list your company with all your contact information as well as write posts etc.


[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Online Directories” margin_design_tab_text=””]

online-directoryThere are dozens of online directories and most of them are either free or offer a free option. You should be listed on as many of these as possible and try to make sure that there is a link to your website, this may not be included in all the free options but it is worth paying for the website link option.


[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Getting a website”]Nothing beats having a professional website (which you can get from LS Designs for $20 per month). Even if that is not the route that you would like to take just yet, you should at least setup your own website, there are a few free options available to you that will get you going.

Here are a couple of options, there are more that you could find with a little research.[/ultimate_heading]



Wordpress.com lets you build your own free wordpress website. The free option gives you a sub-domain which means your website would be www.yourcompany.wordpress.com.
Go to WordPress.com


WiX.com is another popular choice, this is an HTML5 based platform and you edit pages in the front-end, that means what you see while you create the page is what anyone who views the page will see.

Go to WiX.com


blogger.com is owned by google. With blogger you can create multiple websites that you manage just by logging in to your google account.

Go to blogger.com


Weebly is another free option available. I haven’t used it myself so I am not sure of the process but it looks like it is similar to wix.com

Go to weebly.com