Website Templates

Website templates are fantastic. They have helped make great looking websites a reality for every business.

Through systems like WordPress with a pre-designed template, any business can now get a fully functional, responsive, mobile friendly website for a couple of hundred United States Dollars. This is a huge saving compared to before these options existed.

It used to cost over US$10,000 for a very basic website, additional thousands if you wanted the layout customized for different screen sizes. Content Management Systems (CMS’s) started in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now are available for free with WordPress, Joomla, Open Cart, Magento and many others.

In addition to having free content management systems, you can get free or paid templates enabling anyone to quickly create an attractive and functional website in hours or days compared to the months or years it used to take to build a website.

This has enabled web design companies to greatly reduce their charges to build websites as they do not have to write all the code. I use WordPress and templates as a way of greatly reducing the cost a client would pay me to setup a website for them.

What is surprising is when you find that even with the huge cost saving people get, some companies still don’t even customize their templates completely.

What does it say about a company when they are not willing to put in the effort of changing the text on the template they have used for their website? Worse still when they have not even changed the contact page information to their own or put their own Social Media links in the linked icons.

I would say its the same as going to work in your P.J’s.

How would you feel walking into a company and the staff are dressed in their pajama’s, walking around with no shoes, their hair sporting that 8 hour pillow style?

Why bother getting dressed for work in the morning? It is not going to make you know any more or less, it has no impact on your ability to to your job. For the most part I could argue working in a comfortable pajama tracksuit actually enables you to do more than a smart outfit and the time you save not having to brush your hair means you have more time to work, so shouldn’t that rather be the norm?

Well just like you wouldn’t go and meet with clients in your pajamas, you should not be willing to publish and promote a website that uses a template but still contains the text and information it came with. If you cant be bothered to put in your own text, rather do not have the website.

If you are struggling with your customization, there are many companies, including LS Designs that are ready to help at very affordable prices. If you can’t be bothered to ensure you have a professional online presence, how can anyone think you are bothered enough to complete any job you are hired to do, or provide any product you say you can?

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